Why are you doing that?

The other day I spent the day with some amazing people who all have one goal in mind: To increase wellness, purpose and abundance in the world. We were asked to perform an exercise with our eyes closed and now I'm asking you to.

With your eyes closed, imagine what wellness looks like to you. Really think about it and hold that thought in your mind.

Now think about what purpose looks like in your life. Hold that thought.

Now think about what abundance looks like to you.

This picture may look similar or different for all of us. In my mind I kept seeing my family and friends surrounding me, laughing, running, and breathing clean air or eating wholesome food in the beautiful outdoors. Time wasn’t a concern. Money wasn’t a concern. Health wasn’t a concern.

Time is the only thing we cannot take back. Young Living is a company of integrity and its goal is to help provide you with all those things you imagined when visualizing wellness, purpose and abundance. The opportunity is here and what MOST people say once they have started using Young Living Essential Oils consistently is that they wish they had started using them SOONER! No matter what, the next moment, minutes, hours, years and decades is going to come. How you choose to spend that time is your choice. And all of ours will look different. Would you consider including Young Living to improve your well-being? By wellbeing I don't just mean health, but also finding purpose and abundance too, whatever that means to you.

There are so many essential oil companies to choose from; while spending my day with other oilers, I was reminded why of all the oil companies out there, Young Living ranks the highest of quality and has even been graded an A+ by the Better Business Bureau: It’s our calling known as our Seed To Seal promise. We aim for excellence in product, but it’s not just a perfect seed sown on natural land. Our cultivation has been perfected and mastered so that your involvement with Young Living actually betters the entire world by providing jobs, education, wellness and time freedom. For example, Young Living owns it’s own farms and on these farms you will find weeds in the fields. Young Living does not spray chemicals on it’s plants for mass market production, instead it provides jobs for people who need work, as they hand pick every weed in our 9 different farms that are world-wide. That is what I call MISSION work.

If you want to make the world a better place, then consider getting involved with Young Living. If you want to make your home a better environment, consider exchanging your toxic cleaners with Young Living oil-infused cleaners. A saddening statistic reveals that unborn babies are exposed to over 250 different chemicals within the umbilical cord. Keeping a clean house doesn’t mean soaking it in toxic chemicals. Trust our aromatic household products for a natural, effective alternative to traditional cleaning products. It is time to retire the harmful cleaning sprays of yesteryear; instead, freshen the air in your home, office, or car with non-toxic alternatives such as Thieves® Spray.

So, when you “hear about” essential oils, and you will because this has become a movement that is happening around the entire world like never before, know to check the seed to seal protocol of your oil company. Know that the company you buy essential oils from is one that distills the oil no more than once so the compounds of your oil have not been adulterated and that you know you are not cheapening out on quality. Know that the company you are with would never sell you a “bad batch” no matter the loss of money, that the testing is above excellent and perfect every time. This is Young Living.

If you are struggling with something, know that Young Living is a family with many members who are all aiming to do the same thing; help achieve wellness, purpose and abundance world-wide. It can and it is happening right now. Never have I seen this growth in all of my seven years’ experience. Please do not let time pass before you look into this and discover for yourself the wellness, purpose, and abundance that is available to you! It’s what the world is searching for now. We are waking up to faults of the past and we have the chance to make this world a better place for us, and even more importantly for our children and future generations! In all of my experience, now is the best time to get involved with Young Living. If money is a concern to you, consider the opportunity that Young Living provides so that you can actually earn your products free.

Learn from the past, live in the present, and dream for the future. Now, remember what you envisioned when you thought about Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance? Those are the things that Young Living stands for too! Young Living's mission statement is:

We honor our stewardship to champion nature's living

energy, essential oils, by fostering a community of

healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to

Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance.

Discover more about our Canadian Young Living Family and opportunity at I invite you to join my Northern Lights Oilers, Young Living family today!

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