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The essential oils that you use for your health care must be of the highest quality.   The most effective essential oils must be made from real plants, grown in a field that is free from pesticides and herbicides, not created in a lab and made to smell exactly the same because of synthetic additives. 

When you get the Premium Starter Kit of essential oils, you will have the very best essential oils that nature can provide, and you will have 11 amazing oils, a diffuser, and some bonus products and information to help you feel, look, and be better!   


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Thieves Toxic Free Cleaners 


We all want clean homes, and we don’t have to sacrifice our physical health to make it happen.  Breathe easier when you say no to harsh chemicals and YES to the gentle, but effective power of essential oils and our Thieves® line of products.  The Thieves® Premium Starter Kit has everything that you need to clean your home, your laundry, your hands, your teeth, and your produce!  Diffuse or apply Thieves essential oil blend to help you manage coughs and colds. 

What are you waiting for? Say YES to feeling, looking, and being better today!

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Savvy Mineral Makeup


Tired of looking for that perfect makeup that feels amazing, looks beautiful, and even nourishes your skin?  Look no further!  Savvy Minerals by Young Living™ is your answer for toxin free beauty!


Every Savvy Minerals product was carefully crafted so you can feel fabulous about yourself and what you’re putting on your skin. Our range of products is developed with an unwavering standard of purity and quality, giving you a full variety of naturally derived products made without bismuth, talc, cheap fillers or synthetics—and that’s a beautiful thing!  Wherever life takes you, Savvy Minerals is here to empower you to be the natural beauty you want to be.

Personal Care and Essential Oils


Purge chemicals from your beauty routine and rediscover your natural glow. An ancient skin care secret, essential oils can help promote a clear-looking complexion, soften the appearance of signs of aging, and nurture healthy-looking hair. Using only natural ingredients, these advanced skin and hair care solutions make it easy to enjoy the beautiful benefits of essential oils every day.



True wellness starts from within. Nourish your vitality, your sense of adventure and your dreams by giving your body foods and supplements that can help you go the distance.  Young Living supplements are created with REAL fruits and vegetables and enhanced with powerful essential oils!

Whether you need something for muscle and joints; cardiovascular support, immune support, digestive support, or simply an everyday nutritional support for your busy life, Young Living nutritional supplements have got you covered.

Nutrition & Healthy Weight Management


Modern lifestyles don’t always create optimal conditions for physical wellness. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and an overabundance of environmental toxins can leave the body unbalanced and diminish energy levels. From cleansing and weight management to supporting every system of the body, essential oils and essential oil-infused supplements can provide the targeted solutions you need to restore balance and feel your best.  GET STARTED TODAY!



Kids are unique individuals with unique needs; that's why Young Living has created an entire line of products to empower children to live a vibrant, healthy, joyful childhood.  These products contain natural ingredients and therapeutic-grade essential oils, leaving out mineral oils, synthetic perfumes, artificial colorings, and toxic ingredients.


Some Northern Lights Oilers' favourite products include Tender Tush, MightyVites, MightyZymes, Slique Toothpaste, Bath Gel, Lotion, Shampoo and of course the KidScents Oils!  *currently available in the USA market.


Animal Scents 


Animals, big and small, are important members of our family, and so, there are great oil-infused products for them too!

Products include: Care Kits for Large or Small animals, Ointment and Shampoo


*Products available in the U.S. market.